China Dynasty

Daily Lunch Special



Pick 1 Entree

1. Tso's Chicken
2. Pepper Steak
3. Chicken Chow Mein
4. Cashew Chicken
5.Sweet & Sour Chicken
6. Chicken Vegetables
7. Mongolian Beef
8.Sweet & Sour Chicken Thai Ginger Chicken
9.Thai Basil with Chicken
10.Thai Red Curry w/ Chicken
11. Phad Thai
12.Thai Cashew Nuts w/ Chicken
13. Mala Green Beef
14.Kung Pao Chicken
15. Mixed Vegetables
16. Beef Broccoli

17. Moo Goo Gai Pan
18. Almond Chicken
19. Vegetable Lo Mein
20. Sesame Chicken

Sushi Lunch Specials

Sushi lunch specials come with miso soup and a house salad and are available from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m..

Please choose from one of the rolls or roll combinations below:

1. 1 Roll Combo
Spicy Tuna Roll and a California Roll
2. 2 Roll Combo
A Salmon Roll and a California Roll
3.Sushi and Roll Combo
6 pcs. of Nigiri Sushi and 6 pcs. of California Roll
4. Volcano Roll
A California Roll topped with Spicy Tuna and Jalapeno Masago
5. Dragon Roll
Anago, Cucumber and Avocado with Eel Sauce
6. Crunchy Roll